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My name is Gautam Sdhar , a resident of Pali District in Rajasthan. Internet worm was class 8 itself, meaning an interest in the using of the Internet.

Perhaps you will be surprised to know this, I used to play TV in multimedia Nokia mobile at that time (2013), watch live cricket matches, which was a big thing at that time. Everyone used to be surprised and very happy to see that how this boy runs internet in keyboard mobile at such a young age. Not only this, I used to do those things through internet, which people could not even imagine. When I found from my personal experience, that solutions to every problem of life are available on internet, that’s why I started my blog ‘Internet Gyankosh’. Inside this website, I share only those things, which are my personal experience.

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Establishment of Blog ⇒ 27 February 2020

Monthly Traffic ⇒ 60K Visitor Per Month (90% Organic Reader Base)

Average Page View Duration ⇒ 5 Minutes


I’ll do my best for you
Through internetgyankosh.com to give all the knowledge that I have learned by reading thousands of self development and inspirational books, which I have learned in my five years of life struggle, life experience and how to achieve mastery in every field of life by doing hard work those people and sources learned from Still want to tell you some things, what can you learn from this blog of mine?

● You can learn the wisdom of becoming successful/rich/great.

● By making full use of internet, you can solve all the problems of life in less time. And you can live your dream life.

● For this you visit ‘All post’ of my blog. There the name of all the posts is written, you read them and bring some positive changes in life.

internet gyankosh meaning?

“Gyankosh” is a word in Hindi and Marathi that translates to “treasury of knowledge” or “encyclopedia” in English. It literally breaks down as:

  • Gyan: knowledge, wisdom
  • Kosh: treasury, storehouse

Therefore, “gyankosh” refers to a repository of information, often on a broad range of subjects. It can be used to describe:

  1. Actual encyclopedias: both general and specialized ones
  2. Collections of knowledge, like libraries or archives
  3. Figuratively, someone who is very knowledgeable

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Monthly Traffic On internet Gyankosh Blog Full Analytics (2023)

1. Daily Page Views – 5000 Thousand

2. Monthly Page Views – 150K

3. Monthly Organic Traffic (Visitor) – 60K

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