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Arvind Animal Activist biography 

You must have heard a lot about social workers, but have you ever heard the name of an animal worker, animal bird worker or animal activist? Today we will give you complete information about Animal Activist Arvind Kannan. Who are working for the rights of voiceless animals

Real name Arvind Kannan
Popular NameArvind Animal Activist
Birth PlaceTamilnadu
Education qualificationNA
Occupation)Vegan Activist in india
Language Hindi, English Tamil,

arvind animal activist wife, Vegan Activist in india,

 Arvind Animal Activist Life Story

Animal-bird lover Arvind Kannan was born in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Arvind, a video by Gary Yourofsky titled “Best Speech You Will Ever Hear”. After watching and listening to this video, I became vegan in 2014. After watching this video, Arvind understood how humans are destroying their health and environment by killing animals. Meaning, you are hitting your own foot with the axe. Arvind considers Gerry Yurowski as his role model and ideal. In the beginning there was a lot of trouble because he had a challenge to not eat eggs, chicken, mutton or drink milk even once in his life. He also tells that my family members were eating animal products after becoming blind. Presently Arvind’s wife Ashwini also works together. It was very difficult for him to start this Vegan India Mission from his state because most of the people in South India eat meat. Still, his hard work and courage paid off and today if all his social media followers are combined, he has 500K+ i.e. more than five lakh followers who are 100% vegan. Arvind Kannan is still very young but he works passionately for the rights of animals. Arvind Kannan ji has dedicated his entire life to fighting for the rights of animals and birds and stopping the atrocities on them. Now Arvind will do this work throughout his life.


Arvind Animal Activist Achievements & Awards

His story is featured in ‘World Vegan Vision’.

● He has also been interviewed on Veganism on a Tamil TV channel which is available on his channel.

●   People of India now call Arvind Kannan the gary yourofsky of India.

● Lakhs of Indian and foreign people are connected on their Facebook and other social media handles.

 Vegan Quotes Arvind Animal Activist

All the milk products available today are made by torturing and exploiting animals. In such a situation, our sages have also said, whatever food you eat, so will your mind become.


People say that if everyone becomes vegan then what will happen to the farmers selling milk and the dairy industry? Arvind Bhai says that the old woman who used to sell fish in the sea will now sell corn, corn and gram. People who used to sell eggs, chicken, mutton will now sell vegan products. Dairy traders will now start some new business.


Because of dairy farm business, India has become the second largest meat exporter in the world, which is a matter of great shame.


When we speak against social evils and exploitation, why don’t we protest against the atrocities being committed on these animals?


I am a vegan, we do not eat meat, dairy products and honey. Apart from this, you should also not use leather, fur, silk & wool clothes and things.


Today, all the world’s highest earning sports athletes and India’s famous celebrities are becoming vegan. Due to this, their Energy & Performance has increased by 120%.


This is a slogan for him and all vegans. ‘Go Vegan’ and ‘Going Vegan for animal rights’

 Facts About Arvind Animal Activist

#1. You will find only a few people like Arvind in the whole of India who protect the rights of animals.

#2. Arvind Bhai’s mother tongue is Tamil and most of his videos have been uploaded in English and Tamil languages. But when he saw that most of the audience watching his videos were Hindi speaking. That’s why he has now started making videos in Hindi.

#3. As soon as he learned Hindi, he made his first video ‘Why don’t I drink milk’. Which has been viewed by more than one lakh people so far

#4. Arvind Kannan married his girlfriend. Whose name is Ashvini.

Arvind Animal Activist Networth, income

Animal social worker Arvind’s only source of income currently is YouTube from where he earns Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per month. Apart from this they promote Vegan Food (dairy free) products. From where they earn. Apart from this, he has 350K+ followers on Facebook and Instagram together. If spoken in Hindi, it is 3 lakh, 50 thousand. From here also they earn a good amount of income by promoting the brand. There will be other income sources too but they have not been made public yet.

Arvind Animal Activist Thoughts About Milk

See, just as a human mother makes milk for her children, similarly, a mother cow, mother camel, monkey, buffalo and all other female animals make milk for their children. Today in the dairy industry, artificial insemination is done to increase the milk of cows and buffaloes. (To give birth to a child by inserting sperm into the vagina of a female animal) Many types of illegal injections are given to it. This artificial insemination process happens every year, in such a situation the cows and buffaloes start becoming weak and when they stop giving milk, then they are sent to the slaughter house. Remember, the day you drink a glass of milk, a calf (child of the mother animal) is deprived of milk.

 Arvind Animal Activist Controversy, Roast, Troll. 

As you know, explaining veganism to people in South India is equivalent to breaking a mountain. In such a situation, when he made more than 10,000 students aware simultaneously in Chennai, the news was published in big selling websites and newspapers that he was just spreading propaganda. Actually nothing like that. And in reality, it is difficult for all of us to tell the people of India not to drink milk. Although earlier Indians used to drink the milk of native cows. That was fine. But that too is for his calf, not for you. There is fruit for you which has all kinds of nutrients. Now let’s talk about trolls, non-veg people don’t like them. Non-veg eaters always dislike them. While vegans love it.

Most Popular Videos of Arvind Animal Activist Youtube Channel



In this video, a small school child, after listening to the entire lecture given by Arvind Bhai on Veganism, asked that what you are saying is correct, but Lord Krishna used to drink milk, right? After that Arvind Bhai gave a very good answer that Krishna had even lifted the Gorvadhan mountain with his little finger. can you pick up? God can do anything, we do not have to follow him.

The Greatest Of All Virtues

In this video, Arvind Canon has given the message to man according to spiritual knowledge as per the scriptures that he should never commit violence.


Which state is Arvind, an animal activist from India?

Arvind, the renowned animal activist, hails from Tamil Nadu, India. He is widely recognized as the country’s most prominent vegan advocate. His impactful efforts in promoting animal welfare and veganism have made him a respected figure in the Indian vegan activist community.

 All social media accounts Arvind Kannan (Animal Activist) : Website, Contact information

Facebook Account (350K+ follower)
India Vegan Revolution Facebook Page
Instagram (25K+Follower)
Official Youtube Channel
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Website - Not Created Yet. 
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