First class Ac Coach in indian Trains | 1st class ac train facilities in india

What are the advantages of  First AC coach in Indian railways?

Train journey Date – 19 Aprail 2023
Train Name – Ranikhet Express (15014)
Route – Kathgodam (Uttrakhand) to Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Ticket Price – ₹3600/-
Coach type – 1st Ac

Indian railways provides you many facilities in 1st class ac train. In this post, I have shared my experience of traveling from Kathgodam city (UK state) to Jaipur (RJ state) with you. Read the article till the end and enjoy traveling in 1st Ac train with me. While reading the words you will feel wow what a wonderful train journey it was. I liked it a lot.

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Scented Handwash Bottle

Scented Handwash Bottle is also installed in the wall. The fragrance of this hand wash is very good, smelling it while washing hands will make you feel good. This facility is not available in 2nd & 3rd Ac Train Coach.

Badsheet / blanket / Pillow / Quilt

A pillow and a nice padded quilt are available to cover. The quilt is so good that once you sleep wearing it, then you do not feel like removing it back from the body. Now let’s talk about bedsheet, then in 1st Ac rail coach you get 2 bedsheets.

Cotton Hand Towel

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I really liked this facility. The railways give you two large cotton hand towel, which you can use while refreshing. Apart from this, you can use these towels to wipe your hands and face even after using the toilet. There must be a question running in your mind that, Can we take hand or face towel from train? My answer is; It should be usable for a journey time of at least 3 days or longer without wash/replacement so that a passenger can take away the towel on completion of train journey without returning to Railways. If I tell the truth, I liked this Face Towel so much that without knowing it, I put it in my bag. Later on, I went home and I thought you could bring it home.

Charging Socket / Led light / Fan

There is also a good charging socket
for charging phones or laptops. Apart from this, two fans and two LED lights are also fitted with the air conditioner.

Train Coach like Personal Room

The most unique thing I found in 1 tier Ac coach is that you are given a room in the compartment. If you are four people traveling or want to do some personal meeting in the train, then I would suggest you to book 1st ac train ticket only. Because you can talk comfortably by closing the door of your room and can do any personal work of yours. Even if you are traveling long distance with family, my suggestion would be to book first ac ticket only. You will get a very homely filling.


What is the special facility offered in the first AC?

Some different and special facilities are available in 1st tier coach. As ; Facilities like towel, bedsheets, quilt, extra night light, mirror, hanger for hanging clothes, personal room etc.

is food free in 1st ac?

Free food is not available in all 1st ac trains. For example, my fare for First Ac coach of Ranikhet Express was Rs.3500/-. Now just imagine if you don't get free food even after spending $35, it is natural to have a bad feeling inside you. But in Rajdhani, Duranto express and Vande Bharat express trains, railway provides you free food.

Indian Train Journey – An Overnight Experience!

Sleeping well is also an experience. When you book 1st Ac ticket by paying more money, then Indian railway provides you the facility of luxury accommodation, once you sleep on a nice bed covered with a nice blanket, then you will not feel like waking up.

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