A Sanatani (Hindu) boy shares 15 tips on how to protect your daughters from love jihad

How we can save our daughters and sisters from love jihad?

Love Jihad, which some people call an international conspiracy and some people call it a Conspiracy Theory, whereas the truth is that this problem is related to the holy books of Islam, ‘Quran-e-Sharif’ and “Hadis” and the founder of this religion, Prophet Muhammad.  You must have seen many such videos on the internet in which a group of Muslims are raping a girl with slogans of ‘Allah hu Akbar’.


Christian Girls Gang Raped to Screams of “Allahu Akbar” in Egypt

Video: Christian Girls Gang Raped to Screams of “Allahu Akbar” in Egypt

In today’s post, I will explain all the ways in which you can protect your daughter from love jihad.


#1. Teach everything to your daughter about our Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism)

To show the greatness of your religion, download and show episode videos of great kings, gods and goddesses of India from YouTube with the help of BiG LED TV or Projector Light. If you show the entire village, you will One arrow will hit two targets.. Put as many ideas, views of Sanatan Dharma in the minds of girls so that they fall in love with their religion. Also tell him that you were born in India and not in any fanatic Islamic country.

#2. Celebrate Hindu festivals in this manner

Take out processions on every festival in the Vedic manner. Keep Prasada inside it and gather people of every caste so that casteism ends and brotherhood increases among you.

#3. organize a bravery rally

All Hindu girls were made to demonstrate divine power by dressing them in saffron colored clothes and giving them swords in their hands. So that fear goes away from all the girls.

#4. Explain the disadvantages of marrying a Muslim boy

Tell your daughter that if she marries a Muslim boy, she will have to wear the suffocating Burqa forever. Will have to face divorce. Meaning, he can leave you at any time after having a child. Apart from this, he will always beat you and you will have to face many other problems. Your Hindu parents and Hindu in-laws will give you complete freedom after marriage. The same Hindu boy will give you a respect.

#5. Talk to her about the dangers of love jihad

Tell your daughter about the bad practices and rules of Islam. Show your daughter the videos of girls trapped in the trap of love-jihad so that she can understand its disadvantages.

#6. Teach her about the importance of self-respect and independence

Self-respect and independence are essential in all relationships, but they are especially important in the context of love jihad. When a woman has a strong sense of self-respect and independence, she is less likely to fall victim to the manipulative tactics that are often used by perpetrators of love jihad.

#7. Be aware of her social media activity

Nowadays, many social media groups have been formed in which Muslim boys use all kinds of tricks to trap Hindu girls. In such a situation, keep an eye on your daughter’s social media activities also.

#8. Meet her friends and family members

You should meet your daughter’s friends and other members of your family and learn about her behavior and habits. So that you know in which direction she is going.

#9. Encourage your daughter to have strong friendships with other girls

Always tell your daughter to make friends with girls who are courageous, so that they can help you in difficult situations.

#10. Teach her about the importance of consent

Consent is the voluntary and enthusiastic agreement to engage in sexual activity. It is important to teach your daughter about consent so that she can make informed decisions about her body and her relationships.

Here are some tips for teaching your daughter about consent:

  • Start talking to her about consent at a young age. Explain to her that she has the right to say no to anything she doesn’t want to do, even if it’s someone she loves.
  • Teach her about the different types of consent. Explain that consent can be verbal (saying “yes”) or nonverbal (body language, facial expressions).
  • Teach her that it’s okay to change her mind. Consent is not a one-time thing. It can be withdrawn at any time, for any reason.
  • Encourage her to respect other people’s consent as well. Explain to her that it’s important to ask for permission before touching or kissing someone, even if she knows them well.

#11. Help her to develop her own interests and hobbies

Helping her to develop her own interests and hobbies is a great way to help her to become a more well-rounded and independent person. It can also help her to build a strong sense of self-worth, which can make her less vulnerable to the manipulative tactics that are often used by perpetrators of Love jihad.  Show her that you are interested in what she is doing and that you want her to succeed. It is important to note that every young woman is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. The most important thing is to be there for your daughter and to support her in finding activities that she enjoys and that make her feel good about herself.


Does love jihad trap only Hindu girls?

Love jihad not target only Hindu girl, its also target all non-muslim religion lke Jain, Buddiest, Sikh and Chrisitnaty also. Love jihad is not just a problem for Hindu girls. It is a problem for all girls of non-Muslim religions. It is important to be aware of the dangers of love jihad and to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Where Can I Get Help If Anyone Pressures Me To Convert For Love Jihad?

If you or someone you know is being pressured to convert, there are a number of resources available to help. You can contact the police, a women's shelter, or a religious leader. You can also find support groups online and in your community.

What is Love Jihad?

Muslim people engage in Love Jihad by trapping non-Muslim girls in the trap of love, sexually exploiting them, giving birth to children, and then abandoning them.

Is Love Jihad real?

Love Jihad is a real incident, you can see thousands of articles and videos on the internet in which the victim has told her story.

How to spot the signs of Love Jihad?

If the Muslim boy you are in love with is repeatedly taking the name of Allah-Allah and enumerating the virtues of his religion, it means that you are about to get trapped in his trap. Apart from this, if he is repeatedly pressurizing for marriage, this is also a symptom of love jihad.

What to do if you are being pressured to convert?

You can find a list of these organizations on the website of the National Commission for Women. If you are concerned about your daughter being a victim of love jihad, you can contact one of these organizations for help. They can provide you with information and support and help you to connect with legal and counseling services. Here are a few examples:

  • Hindu Helpline: This organization provides a 24/7 helpline for victims of love jihad and their families. They also offer legal and counseling services.
  • VHP Hindu Helpline: This organization is affiliated with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and provides support to victims of love jihad. They also offer legal and counseling services.
  • Bajrang Dal Helpline: This organization is affiliated with the Bajrang Dal and provides support to victims of love jihad. They also offer legal and counseling services.

Bollywood Love Jihad Connection

Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Sharukh Khan and all other Khan actors have been married twice each to Hindu girls. When he had a fight with the first girl, he divorced her. You must have seen how PK movie had defamed Hindu religion.

Love jihad book


 love jihad movie watch online

The film tells the story of Shalini (Sharma), a Hindu woman who falls in love with a Muslim man named Omar (Sengupta). Omar converts Shalini to Islam and takes her to Syria, where she is forced to join ISIS. Shalini eventually escapes from ISIS and returns to India, where she fights to expose the truth about love jihad.  The Kerala Story Movie Facts:

  • Thousands of Hindu women from Kerala have been converted to Islam and recruited by ISIS.
  • Love jihad is a real and widespread phenomenon in Kerala.
  • The Kerala government is turning a blind eye to love jihad and is even supporting it.

True story of girls trapped in love jihad


Share this post with all Sanatani and save our daughters and sisters from Jihadi.

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