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 Dr BRC Pdf Books For Humanity

Dr Brc Akka Viswarup roy Chowdhury, in this post All free pdf books will be found with downloads links. Here some such books have also been told, which you will not find anywhere else. I have found these books after a lot of research on the internet.

Author Dr. BRC
Total Published Book 100+
Reader BaseWorldwide
Must Read Book360° P. Medicine

Heal Without Pill

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High Cholesterol A Medical Fraud

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Memory Books

Memory books are currently not available for free. If a person sells the book of doctor Brc or any successful writer by making pdf or earns from that book in any way, then that writer can claim copyright on it.

diet plan pdf

Diet Plan means DIP Protocol, which you can understand through an article. By the way, the dip diet protocol is well explained in Dr Biswaroop other Paperback best selling books ‘heart Mafia’ & How to alive from hospital’.

Hospital in a box PDF

Hospital in box (Hib) Indo Vietnam medical board has published more than 4 books on this topic. Out of which you can read the most important book in this post.

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Www Vishwaroop com N.I.C.E Book

The full name of this book is ‘Nice way to Cure Covid-19’. Which has been published in more than five languages. In which Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Bangla, Punjabi, Telugu etc.

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Covid-1981 Virus & the Vaccine

【 Download Pdf 】

1 Question that can save your life

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Delta 72

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The Last 4 Minutes

If any person in your home, family, relative, and the neighbor’s family dies due to any reason, then you can make him alive again within the next 4 minutes. You will get this knowledge in this life saving book.

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Hiv Ads – Greatest Lie of 21st Century & Most Profitable Business

【 Direct Url to Download this Book】

New Diabetes Guidelines: Your Doctor May/Will not tell you

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 360° Degrees Postural Medicine

【 Download Pdf 】

The Case Against IMA

【 Download Pdf 】

Why Mortality Rate Drops When Doctors Go On Strike

【 Download Pdf 】

The End of Transplant

【 Download Pdf 】


【 Download Pdf 】

Cure of Blood Disorder

【 Download Pdf 】

The Heat Protocol – Halt Covid-19 in 2 hrs

Download Pdf

Scientific Methods To Top Every Exam of Life

【 Download Pdf 】

 impossible possible

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If you liked this post, share it on social media. Write any questions, thoughts or suggestions in the blog comment box below. Thank you so much Dr BRC for writing all life saving pdf free books. Your humility, kindness, and strength are greatly appreciated.


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