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Everything about Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury Dip Diet Plan 

If you are looking for the best diet plan in the world, then you are at the right place. Today I will tell you about the Dip diet plan made by Internationally renowned medical nutritionist Dr biswaroop Roy Chowdhury. The full form of Dip diet is ‘Disciplined and Intelligent people’. People who believe in Dr BRC in India and around the world have cured their many years old diseases by following this diet plan. In this article, the personalized dip diet plan has been prepared for the main diseases of common men like thyroid, Cancer, diabetes, Overweight etc. Apart from this many unique health tips have been given. So you need to read post start to end for complete information.


Till 12 noon, eat only fruits of 3 to 4 types including mango, banana, grapes, orange, etc.

Minimum amount to be consumed = Your body weight in kg × 10 = …………….gms

⇒ For example, a 50 kgs person should consume atleast 500gms of 4 types of fruits before 12 noon.

→ This is your breakfast.


Plate 1 should consist of 4 types of vegetables like carrot, tomato, radish and cucumber, which you can eat in raw form. Apart from this, all those vegetables can be included in this 4 types of raw vegetables which you can eat raw.

Minimum amount of Plate 1 = Your body weight in kg × 5 = …………….. gms

⇒ For example, a 50 kg person should eat at least 250gms of 4 types of raw vegetables.

Plate 2 consists of homely cooked vegetarian food with negligible salt and oil. It means after eating raw vegetable, you can eat cooked veg food.


During dinner also, you have to follow the same Plate 1 & Plate 2 diet plan which you ate at lunch. Try to eat dinner before Sunset or 8PM. In home cooked vegetarian food, you can eat whatever you cook at home like; – roti, rice, pulses, stewed vegetables etc. There is no restriction on this.

Avoid these things

  1. Animal food including milk products
  2. Multivitamin tonic and capsules
  3. Refined and packed food
  4. Avoid eating all types of dairy products.

Do this one activity    Try exposing your body to 40 minutes of sunshine on a daily basis.

The worst food options while taking the Dip diet.

Other than 3 main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner – following are the options for snacks/beverages

  • Fruits can also be consumed as snacks.
  • Fresh coconut water and coconut cream.
  • Herbal tea (Ayurvedic tea)

Benefits of taking dip diet

  1. The body remains fresh throughout the day.
  2. There is also a good effect on your career. Because after taking this diet, you remain active throughout the day.
  3. Constipation, indigestion, gas and stomach related diseases are cured.
  4. Diabetes and BP disease also cured.
  5. There is relief in paralysis, heart disease, itching problem and skin disease. Your hunger increases twice as much as before.
  6. Means you feel like eating more cooked food, even after eating so much salad.
  7. The spectacles of the eyes are removed and the eyesight will be improved.

Dip Diet Plan Side effects

Doctor Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury says that there are no side effects of taking this ‘dip diet‘ plan, on the contrary, many side benefits are available. Means you consume this diet to eliminate a disease and in return your other minor diseases also get cured.


Dip diet for how many days?

Have to take it as long as you want to be healthy. If your disease is cured and you feel like leaving it, then you can leave it. But by eating like this you will never get sick again.

How to make dip diet plan for diabetes patient?

One thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to eat rice and wheat. Alternatives to both of these are other Millet grains. Dr BM Hagde says chapati makes you diabetic permanently.

Is curd allowed in dip diet?

You can't eat curd. All types of Milk (dairy products) have to be leave. In which buttermilk, butter, cheese, and Shrikhand etc. are included.

dip diet plan for weight loss

You have to follow the diet plan mentioned above, along with this you have to drink water after one hour of having food. Third rule always drink water sip by sip.

Dip diet for cancer patients

  • You don’t want to eat wheat. Eat Millet Grains instead of wheat flour. For example ; Ragi, maize, millet, barley etc.
  • You can also Drink cow urine of indian cow (Goumata). Cow urine can also be sprinkled on the cancerous place.
  • Get more sunlight in morning.
  • Think positive, read books of Health Related Best Seller Ayurvedic and Naturopathy doctors. From this you will get to learn many more health tips.

dip diet for thyroid

To treat the thyroid, you need to follow the following rules with dip.

  1. Make chutney by grinding coriander leaves and consume it in large quantity.
  2. Stop eating Refined Oil and eat pure oil instead. Consume mustard, coconut, groundnut and sesame, whatever is available according to the climate in your state / country. It means to say eat cold press oil.
  3. For more information search ‘thyroid solution by ‘rajiv dixit’ on internet.
  4. Watch Satvik Movement thyroid Video.

dip diet for kidney patients

Apart from the diet for kidney patients, you should know about Grad Dialysis Tub and Hot water treatment.

dip diet for paralysis patient

Paralysis patients should always drink water kept in a pot or a steel vessel. Don’t drink cold water or refrigerated water. Apart from this, do yoga and  light exercise, everyday.

Original Dip Diet Direct Url Link

Visit ⇒  https://biswaroop.com/dipdiet/

Any Book & Course available for practice this diet

The answer is no. Because anyone can learn that plan within a day from their phone only.

dip diet dr biswaroop Video in english


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