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Rajiv Dixit Hospital

The pioneer of Swadeshi Shri Rajiv Dixit ji had a dream that India should become an allopathy medicine free country, every citizen of India should follow the rules of Ayurveda, its ancient and medical system that works on the root of the disease. We all are well aware of the great works of Rajiv Dixit ji. To fulfill this dream of his, for the first time in the country, following the ideology of Rajiv Bhai, Naturopathy Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary made ‘Rajiv Dixit Memorial Hospital’ along with other revolutionary doctors of India. In this hospital, every incurable disease is cured by Ayurveda, Panchakarma, naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation and homeopathy therapies. This hospital is boon for kidney disease, heart disease and liver patients. Apart from this, if someone in your home is suffering from any kind of disease like diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, cancer, etc., then you must visit Rajiv Dixit Memorial once. This hospital is a true tribute to Rajiv ji. once again, I would like to congratulate Dr. BRC and his team who took forward the patriotic thinking of this great social activist rajiv bhai.

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Rajiv dixit memorial hospital address & Contact number

HIIMS Chandigarh (Derabassi) Devinagar, Delhi Highway, Chandigarh, Punjab 140507

Phone:  +91 82704 82704

Rajiv dixit hospital timings

24 Hours Open but usually meeeting time 10 Am to 9 PM.

How to Reach Rajiv Dixit Hospital?

First of all you have to come to Chandigarh city, the capital of Punjab. Rajiv Dixit Memorial Hospital is 19 kms away from here.  By air, the nearest airport is Chandigarh international Airport. If you want to come to Derabassi town by train then you have to first come to Ghaggar railway station which is only 8KM away from here.

About Derabassi city in Punjab

Derabassi is a small town in the Mohali district of the Indian state of Punjab. whose total population is 40 thousand. Derabassi is most famous for its industrial belt, situated for the most part on Ramgarh and Barwala Road.

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