Can RLWL 40 be confirmed? | rlwl 41 to 50 confirmation chances [easy explanation]

My sole purpose in writing this post is that your valuable time should not be wasted in this ‘remote location wait list’ status. I booked ticket from Marwar Junction (Rajasthan) to Kathgodam (Uttrakhand) on 6 February 2023 from Confirmtkt App. The train name was Ranikhet Express (15013) and other details were Sleeper Class, General Quota. When I booked the ticket, RLWL Status was showing 43, then on the 7th I saw 42 waitlisted and after that I kept checking 8,9,10 continuously for three days but Remote Location Waiting List (rlwl) was not going below 41 number.


Now only one day was left for my journey, in such a situation, I got upset and canceled the ticket and then got RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) ticket booked for the next day. The advantage of RAC ticket is that you can do emergency journey in sleeper class, you will be given a seat to sit.


What is the conclusion here?

Whenever you book a train ticket through an irctc authorized agent of Indian Railways, always keep in mind that if your RLWL or General Waiting List 42,43,44,45,46,47,48, or If it is showing above 50 then understand that your confirmation chances are Zero (0%). Whereas ‘Rlwl‘ is less than 10 then your confirmation chances are above 90% this is my experience. And this train ticket confirmation possibility checker & prediction tool is all nonsense, Because my 83% was showing Green even after waiting for 4 days my ticket was not confirmed. And one question must be running in your mind, that how much is rlwl confirmation chances after chart preparation?” So the answer is also that if rlwl is 1 to 10 then you have 90 to 95% chance but if it is above 30 then I cannot give you any guarantee.

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4 thoughts on “Can RLWL 40 be confirmed? | rlwl 41 to 50 confirmation chances [easy explanation]”

  1. I booked a train in 2A on 30 June, from Udupi station to Ahmedabad for 16 October 2023 through the IRCTC website and it showed that I’ll be in the RLWL1 category. I went ahead and booked the ticket with the hope of getting a confirmation soon. However, it’s been a month and a half now and it still shows RLWL1 in the PNR enquiry status. I know there’s still 2 months away but I wanted to know if there’s a good chance for a confirmation.

    • The chances of your RLWL1 ticket getting confirmed in 2A for the Udupi to Ahmedabad train on 16 October 2023 are low.

      ➡️ RLWL stands for Remote Location Waiting List. This means that your ticket is waitlisted for a berth in a remote location, such as the starting or ending station of the train.

      ➡️2A is a popular class of accommodation, and there are usually a lot of waitlisted tickets for this class.

      ➡️ The chances of confirmation for RLWL tickets are usually higher for trains that travel on weekdays and during off-peak seasons. However, your train is traveling on a weekend and during the festive season, so the chances of confirmation are lower.

      ➡️ It is still possible that your ticket will get confirmed, but it is not very likely. You can check the PNR status of your ticket regularly to see if there has been any change. If your ticket is still waitlisted 2-3 days before the departure of the train, you may want to consider booking a backup ticket in a different class or on a different train.

      Tips to increase your chances of getting a confirmed ticket:

        Book your ticket as early as possible.

        Choose a train that travels on weekdays and during off-peak seasons.

      Choose a less popular class of accommodation.

        Be prepared to book a backup ticket.
  2. Hello, I booked RLWL 15 from Jaipur to sehore, train starts from bikaner. journey is after 50 days. What are the chances of confirmation or should I book a confirm ticket but the confirm ticket is of 15 hour journey and this train takes 10 hours. Please reply soon.

    • However, if the journey is after 50 days, your ticket will be confirmed. But if you want a confirmed ticket, then book the ticket from some other station and board the train from your hometown station.


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